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Greetings from the First and possibly only Club Puros Life Member

Greetings to all, I would imagine that there aren't that many members that remember me. My name is Nik, I am in the Navy and was stationed in Charlotte and left about 3 years ago. Sure to miss wasting time at the Tinder Box, especially on Friday afternoons. Wife, kids (one of each), chickens, longhorns, dogs - Just living the Dream in Oklahoma City.

Ask Charlie about his Aircraft Carrier days and I'm sure my name will come up! Wish you all the best. Nik

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Well Im glad to here you are doing well. Any possible visits to Charlotte in your future? Will you be going to Afghanistan in a year or for a year? I cant believe its been 3 years already. Smoking any good cigars out there? Hey man, thanks for all you do for us.

Pat Moore said:
Nik Nikodym said:
Pat, living the dream in Oklahoma City. Yah, I know the next question. "What is the Navy doing in Oklahoma"? Well, I am the CO of a place called MEPS. We take the kids that the recruiters round up and do the testing, medical exams, background screening and sending people to Basic Training. Same job I did in Charlotte, but in charge in Oklahoma - pretty scarry!

I sure miss our time in Charlotte. Probably will miss it even more during my next tour. Looks like Afghanistan in about a year. Who knows, maybe the wife will let me retire one of these days. Into my 25th year now, would like one more promotion though - we'll see.

Give everyone a big howdy for me!

"Buds for life"

Jeez Nik how could we forget you? Charlie does update us ). Hope all is going well....Mr "Youngest MEPPS" Commander.

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