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A group of us had a terrific afternoon having a smoke at the Arboretum Tinderbox with their neighboring store The Vintner Wine Market. The guys there were very accommodating to our group and had some great local beer. Kudos to them for offering up a coupon which is available at the front counter of Arbo.

I'd be happy to make this a regular event if anyone is interested.


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Was there with Darryl. Nice people and the Charlotte Draft was excellent. Hit Richard up for a receipt or use your own for 50% off one of the beers. Really worth it.
I toured the Olde Mecklenburg Brewery yesterday and even hinted at a cigar event to see his reaction - he was up for it! This is the good local beer mentioned above. Take a look:

i have heard from many of the regular arb crowd that this beer is worth trying. what was the brewery like?

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