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Fellow cigar smoker Dan manages the Firestone in the Arboretum. He recently passed out a few 10% off "special friend discount" cards. I've used it a couple of times already and enjoy dropping off my car and having a smoke while the oil is being changed or tires rotated.

Nothing like a reason to go smoke to satisfy the wife that other things are being accomplished ;)

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If anyone needs more coupons or is in need of some "special" tire pricing, please do not hesitate to leave me a note or give me a call (704) 408-2860. I cover 19 locations in the Charlotte and Spartanburg, SC area. I'm sure we have one close to your office or favorite smoking stop!
Sorry, Dan

I must have missed that mtg. Anyway can you send one my way? My mailing address is on my website.
I'd appreciate it. Thanks.

Wish I had one now. I'm heading down there to see if I can get my oil changed while hanging out at Tinderbox

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