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Anyone using Twitter? Post your account here:

Me: @DarrylParker

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Darryl I'm just starting to twiter & I just joined the Tinderbox network. I haven't been getting to the Arboretum
latly because my wife has been getting her Ball Joints Replaced , but now I will be getting out more.
I'm checking it out for a bit, just to see what it is about. My account name is Turboknat.
I just signed up as well. I am TboxChris on twitter.
Darryl, is there a way to set it up to just follow people about cigars only?
Clint - just do a search for "cigars" and see what you come up with. There are no specific filters for that, but there are a lot of cigar folks there.
sprintboostit is one of mine on twitter.

im still unsure whether or not twitter is worthwhile, perhaps it is, perhaps it isnt, but it probably cannot hurt to be up on there.

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