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There is an infiltrator in our midst! It goes by the name of Nub Maduro. Somehow this cigar made it in to our stores without being seen at some point between May 26th and May 28th, 2009. I believe Comrade Boyette was on duty when this occurred. I believe he was incapacitated by the Russian Bear Hug sleep maneuver. I am asking for an investigation into this matter as we speak.

This cigar is thick like a polish sausage or a nice foie gras liver...so tasty, and is dark like only the best Russian dark chocolate (not the lighter colored goat milk chocolate Americans eat). I have yet to smoke this cigar as I am puzzled how to fit this in my mouth, and trust me, this is no laughing matter as all good Russians have big mouths.

However, my agents tell me that this cigar has almost a sweet chocolate undertone with a touch of spice thrown in. On top of that, the 464BPT looks like it would be a good fit in my Hotchkiss 25mm anti-tank guns should we run out of normal steel core projectiles.

Although this cigar came as a surprise, perhaps it is not a bad cigar to have around after all, and in may in fact provide some extra utility.


Alexander Dimitry Vasilev
Commander of the Czars 3rd Imperial Army

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I tried this cigar earlier today. This is the first Nub I have tried and I was actually reasonably impressed.

The cigar is a little bit spicy and has a somewhat sweet and cedary draw that does in fact turn into a sort of cocoa flavor on the finish.

I would say that this cigar is medium in body, and the spiceyness of the cigar remains the entire burn. My only complaint is that while I did like the cigar, it does get a little warm. The NUB Maduro also has a very nice draw and a uniform burn. I would not be opposed to picking up a few more of these and holding onto them for a while just for fun.

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