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Vintage Cameroon Robusto. This cigar is 5 x 52, manufactured in the Dominican Republic. It comes wrapped in a cedar sleeve. It had a smooth wrapper with small veins. The cap was a little uneven with a small piece peeled up.

I used a punch which unfortunately damaged the cap slightly. It may be my punch getting dull, I'm not sure. The cigar had a slightly uneven burn initially. The burn continued to go uneven. Eventually it became so bad it had to be touched up to even it out.

The prelight draw was slightly tight. The draw stayed kind of tight for the first third of the cigar, but gradually opened up and was fine for the final third.

As far as taste, it started out with a woody, cedar taste along with pencil lead. It had a bit of a metallic finish. It did take on a slight sweet, spicy taste almost halfway down, and had a good taste and finish for the final third. I thought it was a mild to medium bodied smoke.

Filler: DR/Nic/Peru
Binder: Nic
Wrapper: Cameroon
Color: Colorado Maduro

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