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I smoked the robusto size of this smoke. It had a very smooth caramel colored wrapper with no blemishes. No soft spots. The cigar lit fairly easily and had to be teased once after initial light to get completely lit.

The burn started to get uneven soon after light, with an ash that was cracked and slightly flaky. The burn evented out after about an inch. It burned even until the last 3rd, when it started to go uneven again.

It had a fine draw, though, and was consistantly good the whole way.

As far as taste, it had the initial flavors of hay, caramel, and spice. As far as spice goes, it's not a pepper spice, rather it is a rich food spice essence. Flavor was consistant and smooth throughout. Very nice. I thought it was maybe a medium bodied cigar.

I don't have any stats on it right now.

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